CNC Lathes

We have various CNC lathes ranging from standard 2 axis in a range of sizes through to 7 axis machines.

Shown here is our new Doosan Puma GT 2100, a 2 axis machine with the latest Fanuc control which sits alongside our Doosan S310SMLY 5 axis twin spindle machine with live tooling to both spindles designed to reduce the operations required to produce complex turned parts.

The parts shown here would all normally require a minimum of 2 or even 3 separate operations on conventional machines but with this machine they can all be produced in one hit. Apart from the obvious benefits of one hit machining ie, the production costs, there is also the advantage of speedy delivery, as we can begin delivering finished components immediately, rather than having to wait for each individual operation to be completed before starting the next.

CNC Machined Components 6

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