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XL Precision Engineering, based in Dinnington have invested heavily in 6 new Sliding Head Lathes to create a new specialist department.

Their first Star sliding head lathe which could machine up to 20mm in diameter was a success and reached capacity due to regular work for brass electrical connectors for the telecommunications industry. The company has since invested in 5 more Star sliding head lathes which now gives them capability up to 32mm diameter.

The Star Sliding Head 7 axis twin spindle machines provide simultaneous machining of both ends of a component. By effectively doing the second end for free this halves production costs allowing the company to pass on the significant savings to their customers.

The Star machines are also designed to run unmanned for sustained periods allowing them to be run 24 hours a day 7 days a week on suitable components, which is ideal for hydraulic/pneumatic and electronic components in large batches.

Steve Liversidge, Managing Director said “The investment in the new department of Sliding Head Lathes has enabled the business to expand its capacity and will see future growth in the coming year.”

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